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share photo and earn money with belacam camera Belacam is a social media site where you can earn money for sharing photos. Let’s Turn your Photos into Cash. Share your photos and videos on Belacam. As they get more popular, you earn more money. Each like help you earn 1 bela or 2 cents, if 5 of your photos gets a total 1000 likes then you will earn 2000 cents of $20. The more likes you get, the more you earn! Join : https://www.belacam.com/ref/artycraft

Snap, Post, Paid. It’s that easy.

Every Gives a Bela. Bela is a cryptocurrency and each one is worth a couple of cents. You earn Bela by getting s on your posts and you can cash out at any time. Belacam.com is a social media site. It founded in 2016, where 200,000+ people earn money online in a fun and social setting. The centerpiece of the platform is a familiar content sharing system. Belacam is used just like Instagram. Users here post their own photos and videos, follow each other and give likes. However, each like is a micro donation of the Bela token given from the liker to the liked user. Each photo ‘like’ conveys one Bela (about $.02) which the receiver can withdraw or use to like another person’s photo.

Start sharing photo start earning online here:

join belacam to earn by sharing photo

Belacam, originally intended to be the “Instagram of Cryptocurrency” and has become an earning platform for impoverished communities, cryptocurrency enthusiasts and everyday smartphone users. Dedicated users can earn about a dollar per photo and the top users are already earning as much as $5 – $15 per post. To Americans, that’s some nice extra change but for people in impoverished countries, this can be life-changing. Belacam can make your photography and creativity into a source of income. This is how it impact on the economy and job area for internet entrepreneur and online home based worker around the world through online platform. This is very popular version for turning your photo into cash. Belacam is also a strong social platform that is why it is growing and you will get quick response when you start earning money by sharing photo.

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