Earn Asimi Token watching Ads at Blockchain Place

Asimi Token appeared in the blockchain industry with a new technology. A technology that makes a connection between advertiser and viewers. You can earn Asimi Token by the effort of watching ads in their ad platform called Hashingadspace. Earn crypto currency daily empowered by minting system. You watch ads and mint Asimi. Minting Crypto currency which makes new tokens into existence. And that made HashingAdSpace unique. You will be watching ads on Hashing Ad Space that “mints” crypto currency tokens each day. Minting helps creation of new tokens called “Asimi”. Built upon the Waves blockchain. It’s fast, simple and low cost to transact. Asimi tokens make crypto accessible for everyone around the world.

Earn Asimi A different Blockchain Idea:

Asimi is fast, secure, easy to earn and trade. People can enjoy decades of success in advertising and earning Asimi Token. Asimi is one of the stable and reliable cryptocurrency tokenĀ  that people can benefit from a thriving token economy that harnesses the power of three billion-dollar industries: Advertising, as their Home-Based Business.

Currently each Asimi token is worth about 7 cents or 600 satoshi in avg. This price is very stable and does not fluctuate too rapidly. You can trust the value of this coin for this reason. And by giving your full effort you can easily Earn Asimi Token. Its better to earn early because Asimi token platform implemented a Proof of Stake to qualify their viewing audience. Each member on Hashingadspace has a maximum limit of ads they can view each day. This minting limit is set by staking your own Asimi tokens. Your Proof of Stake increases according the daily ad minting limit for each day.

Staking is not a purchase. Your stake always remains yours. Staking is simply a hold of Asimi in your wallet that qualifies you to view ads and Earn Asimi Token. 100% of your stake is returned to you. Any Asimi you mint as a result of your daily ad minting is yours to keep.

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