Earn by listening to Radio an Income Alternative

Earn by listening to Radio an Income Alternative

Bitradio is a community driven web radio website where you can earn by listening to radio as an income alternative. Their free radio service brings together more than 119.000 radio stations on a single platform. Earning money for doing things you already do is like a gift. In a world where earning money is no easy task, BitRadio is the perfect solution.

Earning by listening radio concept:

You earn Bitradio coins while listening to your favorite radio station. You can exchange them to Bitcoin or hold them to own a share their sites and services.
That means you can earn crypto currency by listening to radio and your favorite music, news through 119.000 radio stations available in their site.
There is no question of legit or scam as because they are not a site running by a webmaster but just another blockchain system.
Their blockchain and coin all are decentralized and transacted by a wallet and a community where there are more than 1000 BRO holders.
So lets get to the point and find out how to start and earn by listening to Radio.
Getting started with the platform is quick and easy. There is no upfront investment necessary and you can start earning BRO immediately.

The BRO Coin
So what is this BitRadio Coin?

It is the crypto currency that is the core of the entire BitRadio platform. The maximum supply of the BRO coin is capped at just over 12 million coins
and as of the writing of this article, the current circulating supply is just over 7 million. As we mentioned earlier, BRO coin has a blockchain of its own,
you would need a specific wallet to store these coins. BitRadio has provided the official wallet support across all platforms.

This means that you will be able to use a BRO coin wallet on your Windows, MAC, Raspbian OS, Android as well as iOS devices.
BRO also has its own dedicated block explorer. As the entire network is completely transparent, you will be able to see all the transactions
that happen on this network.

How to earn BRO coin by listening to radio?

To Earn by listening to Radio you need to follow the link below and register and create an account.

After completing the registration process , you need to verify your email and login.
Once you log into the website, you will need to download a BitRadio (BRO) crypto currency wallet on your computer. Just choose the appropriate wallet for your operating system. Creating a bitradio coin or BRO coin address is very important part here.
After you get an address you need to complete your profile by filling them including the bitradio address which I mentioned above first. Remember that you can not change your bitradio address once you complete your profile. And voila , now you can listen any radio station in their site and earn by listening to Radio.

You can also install their android app and listen to radio from your mobile and earn crypto currency called BRO coin. That’s not all… you can earn even more money with your BitRadio wallet by staking your BRO…
but more about that later… Once you have the wallet set up, you will copy your wallet address and paste it in the ‘Profile’ section of your account. That’s it!
Now all you have to do is find the music you want to listen and earn by listening to Radio.

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