Earn PI Token First Mobile Friendly Mining

Earn PI Token Pi Network uses an app on Android & iOS to allow users to earn Pi token daily, The first blockchain system with mobile friendly mining to Earn PI Token. PI Network consumes 0 power and electricity and helps you mine token without draining your mobile battery. This makes this network Eco friendly.

How to Earn PI Token:

You can earn PI at a fixed rate whether you have a high-end android mobile or low. But there are only one way to increase your earning is by inviting max 5 friends and adding them in your security network. You can invite more than 5 friends but that won’t add any extra power to your earning. You have to login once daily and click a button which makes you active for next 24 hours and mine PI token for you. So it only checks your participation in the community but doesn’t require any mining.

The PI Token worth:

The Pi token currently has 0 value and cannot be withdrawn from the app. PI Network has several fraud protection techniques in the 3 phases. Firstly google captcha, bot and fake account protection and finally KYC verification in phase 3. In phase 3 of the project, Pi will transition to a fully decentralized blockchain and users’ balances are being recorded with a guarantee of being honored when Pi transitions to the main net. PI network has already more than million users which makes this community popular. So there are enough good reasons to Earn PI Token.

Steps for beginning:

What are the steps to join PI Network and start earning PI Token.
First you need to visit the link I am giving you below and then signup or download the app then verify your mobile and click your app to earn pi token for first 24 hours. You will get some bonus and in addition 20% extra earning as I shall be in your security circle.

Earn PI Token

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