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StakedWallet is backed by proof of Stake income system that 25% of the cryptocoin wanting to attach as by 2019. At staked wallet you can store your funds while get a percentage of income daily by earning with Proof of Stake income system without any limits. Investing in Proof of Stake are now possible by running a master node or with a platform that offers the facility. Make money by supporting the company paid services ecosystem. The profit and income depends by the coin value, pool rewards and proof of stake coin. Means your daily profit amount will be higher depending the crypto coin you choose to work with. There are vast amount tutorials about deploying a master node. You can host master node by a system or in a cloud server which is more secure.

The sites with proof of stake benefits.

Few top class site now giving benefits of proof of stakes revenue. You may not get the full profit here that you could get by running your own masternode. But still its good choice.
For this you need to keep the coin they offers for proof of stake benefits. Some site also allows you to get profit by storing other crypto coin which is not PoS coin, but they do this because you lock your coin in their system and then they use your capital to use in proof of stake operation.

The idea of Proof of Stake:

Proof of Stake income system instead of Proof of Work.

Below I am going to list some famous and top site that included Proof of Stake model in their business. As per my ratings and ranks the list are reviewed in following order.
1 : : This is most preferable as this site founded in 2013. Probably earlier than binance. And this site is part of which was among top 3 largest mining site in the world. cex-io have various facilities such as trading, buying crypto with fiat curremcy and master card. And now they have the PoS Proof of stakes revenue sharing plan. Their current early profit sharing in these scheme are as follows:

Coin Estimated Annual Yield* Minimum Holdings Reward Coin
Cardano 4-5% 10 ADA ADA
Cosmos 8-9% 10 ATOM ATOM
Tezos 5-6% 10 XTZ XTZ
NEO 1.5% 1 NEO GAS
Ontology 4.5% 10 ONT ONG
Tron 3.5% 1000 TRX TRX
MetaHash 20% 10000 MHC MHC
Polkadot 10% 1 DOT DOT

2. Binance : Binance can be the second choice for choosing as a proof of stake platform. The reason behind this is they are among top crypto currency trading platform. Their exchange rate and reliability are very well to the crypto community. And now they also offering proof of stake profit to its user. And By doing this you can enjoy reward in yearly basis which out any trading operation. Apart from that by joining them you can trade and get huge benefit if you have skill. Some of their popular yearly plan are:

ATOM 7.35%
TRX 10.98%
XTZ 9.15%
EOS 4.69%
DOT 18.34%
DASH 5.69%
ADA 7.69%
BAND 8.30%

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